21 Photos That Will Make You Travel to Chiang Rai Thailand

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chiang saen ancient temples
Exploring ancient temples in Chiang Sean by the ‘Golden Triangle’


Farmers in Chiang Rai
Getting in touch with Thailand’s northern farming culture
Local food in Chiang Rai
Order a signature Som Tum Papaya salad from the local markets made with fresh local produce
Chiang Rai mountain view
Discover rice fields at the foothills of the mountain range dividing Thailand and Laos.
Doi Patang Chiang Rai
Hike the trails over Doi Patang with vista views over Chiang Rai Province.
Phu Sang Waterfall Chiang Ra
Discover amazing waterfalls around almost every corner like Phu Sang Waterfall
Chiang Rai Landscape
Look down over the rice fields below from you winding mountain pass
Mountain Range Chiang Rai
Panorama views of the mountain ranges as far as you can see
traditional hill tribe chaing rai
Get in touch with the local culture of the traditional hill tribes.
Phu Chii Fa Chiang Rai
Watch the sun rise through the clouds with the Mon children from the local hill tribes.
Chiang Rai hill tribe
Explore small villages that hardly exist on google maps.
Chiang Rai hill tribe
Where this is the main road of the village, much more peaceful than a highway.
Sai Oua Sausaga Chiang Rai
Taste the local foods – Sai Oua spiced pork sausages
Chiang Rai handcraft
Meet the villagers making their local handcrafts such as woven baskets and fishing nets.
Chiang Rai Sunsets
Watch amazing sunsets from up in the mountains


White Temple Chiang Rai
Discover that world’s most artistic temples.
Khun korn Waterfall Chiang Rai
Hike through the jungle to shower in one of Thailand’s tallest waterfalls.


Trek up through the jungle in a stream like Phu Kaeng Waterfall.
meekong river from doi patang
Get amazing views of the Might Meekong River before it reaches Vietnam
Sunrise at Phu Chi Fa
Stand above the clouds to watch the sun rise over Laos
jungle trekking chiang rai
Discover cascading falls deep in the jungle
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