9 Top Beaches on Koh Chang, Thailand for 2020

Lonely Beach, Koh Chang

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Top Beaches on Koh Chang

The beaches in Koh Chang vary quite significantly. Some are developed with upmarket luxury resorts while others suit the backpacker vibe. There are also some lesser known beaches which are quite undeveloped and still feel like they’re at the end of the world.

The west coast of Koh Chang has plenty more beaches and development than the east coast. While the east coast has a couple of nice beaches, the journey around to this side of the island takes quite a while. The road around Koh Chang is not a loop, therefore the southwest and southeast coasts do not connect.

In this article, you will get an overview of nine beaches in Koh Chang with a good hotel at each where applicable. Some I recommend staying overnight while others are just good for a day trip.

If you want my personal opinion upfront; Nature Beach Resort at the northern end of Lonely Beach is the place to be. However, you will need to book in advance as they tend to get fully booked throughout the shoulder and high seasons.




Beaches on Koh Chang’s West Coast

Lonely Beach, Koh Chang


White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach is the most developed beach on Koh Chang. It is also the first beach you are likely to see as you travel down the west coast from the Koh Chang ferry pier. White Sand Beach stretches for over one kilometer long where you will find a number of upmarket resorts, restaurants, tour agents, and shops.

Personally, I don’t rate White Sands Beach as one of the best beaches on Koh Chang for an overnight stay, however, it is a nice stop on the way to or from the ferry. I recommend stopping by 15 Palms Resort for a decent international breakfast.


Chai Chet Beach

Chai Chet Beach is not quite as popular as the other larger beaches along Koh Chang’s west coast. While the sandy beach itself is nice, the surrounding area is again not something I would rate as one of the top beaches in Koh Chang.

The northern end of Chai Chet Beach has a few beer bars set in a not so beautiful concrete shopping complex. The southern end of the beach is more serene and natural. The nicest accommodation you will find at the southern end of Chai Chet Beach is the Flora i Talay Resort with a series of comfortable beachfront bungalows.

Stay Here: Flora I Talay Resort


South Khlong Prao Beach

The southern end of Khlong Prao Beach is a great area if you are after cheap beach huts and local Thai foods. It is much quieter than the busier White Sands Beach and really lacks the nightlife scene. Khlong Prao Beach has one of the quietest stretches of sand on the west coast of Koh Chang, a great option if you want to feel like you’ve escaped it all.

Nearby Khlong Prao Beach you will also find the Khlong Phlu waterfall which is worth visiting from May through to December. During these months, you can swim in the freshwater pools, however, outside of these months, it is most likely to be dry. The entry to the waterfall is 200 THB per person.


Kai Bae Beach

Kai Bae Beach is one of the best beaches on Koh Chang’s west coast, and the last before the road climbs over the huge mountain towards the far southwest of the island. Along this 2.5 kilometer stretch of sand, you will find a couple of luxury resorts with a larger selection of mid-range bungalows. Accommodation on Kai Bea Beach is typically cheaper than on Khlong Prao Beach or White Sands Beach.

The area around Kai Bae Beach feels less touristy than the strip at White Sands Beach, and more relaxed than the party vibe further south at Lonely Beach. Kai Bae Beach is a good location for families, or those looking to escape the buzz.

On the southern end of Kai Bae Beach, you will find the Kai Bae Viewpoint. Here you can enjoy the stunning nice views of the smaller islands off the west coast of Koh Chang such as; Koh Yuak, Koh Pli, Koh Man Nok, and Koh Man Na. if you’re feeling adventurous then you can even hire a kayak at one of the local resorts and paddle out to these islands.


Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach is the go-to spot for budget travelers and backpackers. You will find a busy nightlife scene where many bars have live music and cheap drinks. Beach parties are more common here than on Koh Phangan! However, if you stay too close to the town, the noise from the bars can make it difficult to sleep some nights.

That said. Lonely Beach itself is one of my favorite beaches on Koh Chang. The northern end of the beach has a long stretch of sand, backed by palm trees and a jungle-clad mountain to the far north. The water is clear and great for swimming. A personal tip is to head down to Lonely Beach around sunset nearby Nature Beach Resort where you can watch fire shows for free.

Nature Beach Resort at the northern end of Lonely Beach is my favourite accommodation on the island. The beach is great, and it is just far enough from town to not hear the late night parties.

Stay Here: Nature Beach Resort


Bailan Beach (Bailan Bay)

Bailan Beach is one of the least developed beaches on Koh Chang’s west coast. It is located just a little further south from the backpacker paradise of Lonely Beach. The small village is nestled between the jungle on all sides but on the sea.

Bailan Beach is a small and relatively rocky beach. While that may not appeal to those looking for the perfect powdery white sand beach, others will be pleasantly surprised by the low-key atmosphere. The beach is nicely backed by coconut palm trees and forest rather than a bustling town.

If you are looking for a relaxed vibe and decent mid-range accommodation, then Bailan Beach is probably your pick.


Klong Kloi Beach (Bangbao Beach)

Klong Kloi Beach is by far one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Chang, and actually reminds me of these stunning beaches on Koh Kood, the island just next door. Khlong Kloi Beach is located on the far south coast of Koh Chang, about 1 kilometer beyond the local village at Bangbao Bay (that’s where we departed for this island hopping trip).

Beyond Klong Kloi, the road effectively reaches a dead end (unless you want to visit a weird and seemingly abandoned boat resort) and does not continue all the way around to the east coast.

Klong Kloi Beach is mostly visited as a day trip by tourists on the island. The beach has recently been growing in popularity and is gradually getting busier throughout the high season.

The beach has a relatively narrow strip of powdery white sand, backed by shady forest and coconut trees. The water is clean and free of rocks. Throughout the monsoon season, Klong Kloi Beach is protected by the peninsula at Bangbao Bay, keeping the water nice and calm, and therefore one of the best places to swim on Koh Chang all year round.


Beaches on Koh Chang’s East Coast

Long Beach Koh Chang


Karang Beach

Karang Beach is a tiny remote stretch of sand in front of the Karang Bay View Resort. Here you will find a nice grassy landing among palm tree plantations. The beach itself is only about 100 meters long, however, you are unlikely to find anyone else around. It is a great day trip if you want to completely escape the crowds

The only food and drinks available here are through the Karang Bay View Resort. Apart from that, there are a couple of long term accommodations in the area, but that’s about it.


Long Beach

Long Beach is one of the most remote beaches in Koh Chang, located at the far end of the southeast peninsula. The one-way journey from White Sands Beach on the northwest coast is about one hour. If you are planning to visit Long Beach, I suggest allowing an entire day.

If you are looking for total seclusion on Koh Chang, then you have picked the right spot. You will be pleasantly surprised by the lack of just about everything at Long Beach. Virtually no resorts (apart from one that seems permanently closed), no restaurants, no shops. You will need to bring all your own things here, or plan to get something back at Salakkok Bay on the east coast.

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