Chiang Rai Map – Exact Location Markers


Chiang Rai Map Markers

As you can see from my ultimate guide to Chiang Rai, there are absolutely loads of destinations around this northern end of Thailand.

One of the most difficult things I found about Chiang Rai was actually finding those destinations, even once you know about them. When you search in google maps, you more often than not get a destination in Chiang Mai, or somewhere else. Even when you go out on the road it can be difficult to find that waterfall or hot spring due to a lack of road signs.

I’ve personally been to each of these destinations and made this downloadable Chiang Rai Map. Download the pins, and import them into google maps. Then you’re ready to go!




Download the Chiang Rai destination markers







1. Download the Destination Pins above


2. Import it into Google maps.

My Maps - Chiang Rai


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3. Travel
Oh… and in case you missed it, click the button below to download your set of destination markers now!



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