7 Amazing Glass Igloos in Finland (Lapland and Beyond)

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7 Amazing Glass Igloos in Finland (Lapland and Beyond)

One of the most iconic things about Scandinavia is stunning glass igloos in Finland. I haven’t seen them quite like this anywhere else in the world.

You lay back on your bed and look straight through the roof to the sky. In the winter you’ll probably be looking at the northern lights, wrapped up in a warm blanket while it is 20 degrees outside. In the summer you can enjoy the midnight sun and view of the surrounding landscapes at any time of the night.

Most people expect that all glass igloos in Finland are in Lapland (north of the Arctic Circle). That’s because the further north you go, the better the chances are to see the northern lights.

The chance of seeing the northern lights in the arctic circle is above 50%, and further south it is about 25%. Those are both in winter.

However, there are also beautiful glass igloos in Finland from Helsinki right up to the far north. Some of these are located deep in the forest offering total seclusion, others overlook lakes, and there’s even one glass igloo right by the sea.

If staying in a glass igloo hotel is on your Finland bucket list, you’ll be happy to know there’s a healthy selection to choose from. Here are seven of the best glass igloos to consider.

ResortNorthern Lights OpportunityOpening MonthsPrice Guide USD (Winter/Summer)
Apukka ResortHighAll Year$428/$323
Kakslauttanen Arctic ResortVery HighJune-April$750/$470
Nellim Wilderness LodgeVery HighJune-April$480/$310
Levin Iglut Golden CrownVery HighJune-April$686/$328
Jarvisydan ResortLow-ModerateAll Year$245
Revontuli ResortLow-ModerateAll Year$330
Kalle’s InnLow-ModerateAll Year$550

Apukka Resort

Location: Rovaniemi, Lapland

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Apukka Resort 1
Apukka Resort 2
Apukka Resort 3

If you’re going to Rovaniemi for the northern lights or Santa Claus Village, or possibly even to watch the magical midnight sun, then I highly recommend staying at Apukka Resort.

Apukka Resort is located 16 kilometers northeast of Rovaniemi. Unlike the other the glass igloos closer to Rovaniemi, you will feel quite secluded here with the forest and lake just a short walk away. There is even a short forest trail that runs from the resort to the public beach on another part of the lake. There is a private sauna by the lake, which is the perfect place to relax in both the winter and summer.

The nearest airport to Apukka Resort is Rovaniemi, 12 kilometres away, with daily flights from Helsinki. Apukka Resort offers shuttle services to and from the airport. They also have car rental available on site which is great for exploring more of Lapland. If you’re driving, Apukka Resort is about 15 minutes from Rovaniemi.

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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Location: Ivalo, Lapland

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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort 1
Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort 3

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is the most famous glass igloo in Finland, and the one that started the entire glass igloos trend. These igloos are located near Ivalo, about 250 kilometres north of the arctic circle.

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is between to two huge forest parks, the Hammastunturi Wilderness Area to the west and Urho Kekkonen National Park to the east. This means that the winter night sky is free of light pollution and ideal for watching the northern lights.

You will find lots of activities here all year round. In the winter there are husky and reindeer safaris, cross country skiing, and of course the northern lights. During the summer hiking, fishing, picking wild blueberries and mushrooms, and watching the midnight sun are all popular activities.

The nearest airport to Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is Ivalo, 37 kilometers away. The resort offers shuttle services to and from the airport. If you’re driving, it’s about 3 hours north of Rovaniemi.

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Nellim Wilderness Lodge

Location: Ivalo, Lapland

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Nellim Wilderness Lodge 2
Nellim Wilderness Lodge Northern Lights
Nellim Wilderness Lodge Summer

The Nelim Wilderness Lodge is about as remote as glass igloos in Finland get. The resort is located by the shores of Lake Inari in the far north east of Finland well away from any major towns. It is right near the Russian border and about 330 north of the arctic circle.

Being so far north, and so remote, the chance of seeing the northern lights in the winter is very high. There are many popular winter activities such as snowmobiling, cross country skiing, ice fishing, and husky safaris.  Nellim Wilderness also has authentic Finnish foods and a traditional Finnish sauna to enjoy.

The nearest airport to Nellim Wilderness Lodge is Ivalo, 51 kilometres away. The resort offers shuttle services to and from the airport. If you’re driving, it’s about 4 hours north of Rovaniemi towards Norway.

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Levin Iglut Golden Crown

Location: Levi, Lapland

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Golden Crown - Levin Iglut 1
Golden Crown - Levin Iglut 2

Levin Iglut Golden Crown is one of the most famous glass igloos in Lapland. This resort is located at the top of a hill, about 340 meters high nearby the Levi ski resort. It is about 10 kilometres from the town of Levi, and about 170 kilometres north of the arctic circle.

Throughout the winter the northern lights and the ski fields are the most popular activities around Levi. The chances of seeing the northern lights here are quite high as it is located quite far north. The Ounaskievari Reindeer Farm is also located nearby in case you wanted to see and feed the reindeer, or even hop on the back of a reindeer sled. Who wouldn’t?

The nearest airport to Levin Igut Golden Crown is Kittilä, about 21 kilometers away. The resort offers shuttle services to and from the airport, however they request that you book any transfers at least 3 days ahead of schedule.

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Jarvisydan Resort and Spa

Location: Porosalmi, Southern Savnoia

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Jarvisydan Resort and Spa 2
Jarvisydan Resort and Spa 3
Jarvisydan Resort and Spa 4

My favourite part of Finland is the Lakeland region, and the heart of that region is the Saimaa Lakes district. That’s where Jarvisydan Resort comes into the picture.

Jarvisydan Resort is hidden at the end of private forest road nearby the small town of Varkaus. At the end of that road you will find a series of glass igloos up on the hill overlooking a quiet waterway, part of the beautiful Saimaa Lakes.

The Finns refer to Jarvisydan Resort as a wellness retreat with its huge complex of saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and cold pools. You will find modern electric saunas of all different temperatures, and one of Finland’s best traditional wood-fired saunas. I warn you though, the Finns like it hot. The resort also has a great medieval-themed restaurant with fantastic Finnish foods.

The closest major city to Jarvisydan Resort is Savonlinna, located about 50 kilometers southeast. There are daily trains, buses, and flights from Helsinki to Savonlinna. The resort offers taxi transfers to and from the airport and train stations.

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Revontuli Resort

Location: Hankasalmi, Central Finland

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Revontuli Resort 3
Revontuli Resort 2
Revontuli Resort 1

Revontuli is another great glass igloo hotel in the Finnish Lakeland region. Its slogan is the northern lights resort of Lakeland. If you want to see the northern lights in comfort without going all the way to the arctic circle, then this might be your option.

The glass igloos are located between a small lake (one of the thousands of lakes in this part of Finland) and a golf course which is owned by the resort. It is well away from any major towns so you can really relax in that slow Finnish countryside lifestyle.

The closest major town to Revontuli Resort is Jyvaskyla, located about 45 kilometers west. There are daily trains and buses from Helsinki to Jyvaskyla. The resort offers taxi transfers to and from the train and bus stations. Since Revontuli Resort is located only 4 hours from Helsinki, I suggest driving.

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Kalle’s Inn

Location: Kvarken Archipelago

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Kalles Inn 1
Kalles Inn 2
Kalles Inn 3

Ever heard of the Kvarken Archipelago? Neither had I until visiting Finland. This area is one of Finland’s 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites with islands that are literally rising out of the sea. There are some beautiful walks in the area with lots of wild blueberries for picking in the summer.

At the far west of the archipelago, you will find the secluded Kalle’s Inn. Here a series of glass igloos are built right by the ocean, facing west towards Sweden. While the chances of seeing the northern lights is lower, it is still possible in the middle of winter. Right throughout the summer, you can enjoy some of the best late-night sunsets in Finland.

The closest major town to Kalle’s Inn is Vaasa. There are regular flights from Helsinki to Vaasa, but I do not know of any transfers to the hotel. Since Kalle’s Inn is located only 4 hours north of Helsinki, I suggest driving. The scenery along the way is quite beautiful too. You can also arrive at the Kvarken Archipelago by boat from Sweden.

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Quick Glass Igloo Hotel Tips

During the winter glass igloos are usually booked out months in advance, especially in the arctic circle. Book early, and be prepared to consider a few options.

Winter prices for glass igloos are at least double the summer prices. Want to save some serious cash? Then visit one of the options available during the summer!

Not all glass igloos are open all year round, many of them are closed throughout the summer months as this is considered the low season. Check the table in the start of this article for reference.

While the glass igloos are more popular in the winter, I still enjoyed visiting in the summer. Lying in bed watching the midnight sun is an unforgettable experience. However, remember to pack your eye mask or you might not fall asleep.

Transfers to and from the resorts typically cost around 30 euro per person each way. It’s best to check with the resort for the exact fare.


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