Great Summer Road Trips from Sydney

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It’s easy to get lost in comfort, loving the city you’re in, and spending your weekends at home unwinding from the week. Sydney is known for its beautiful cityscape, iconic landmarks, and stunning beaches, what’s not to love? However, there is a whole world outside of Sydney’s iconic center. Take a chance to explore the beautiful landscapes that lay just outside of the city with these great summer road trips from Sydney!



The Snowy Mountains

It sounds like an odd suggestion, to visit the Snowy Mountains in summer, but if you’re looking for beautiful scenery this is the place and time to explore the Snowy Mountains region in all its glory.

For mountain biking enthusiasts, this is the best time to visit. The ski runs of Thredbo transform into fantastic trails for mountain biking. Whether you’re a seasoned professional at mountain biking, or just testing the waters with a new hobby there’s no better place to learn.

For those that crave adventure, have a go at climbing Australia’s Mount Kosciuszko – there’s no better time to do it than in spring or autumn! This trip will take you around six hours to complete one way.


Image: Flickr @Patrick


The Hunter Valley

If you’re a lover of wine, then the Hunter Valley is your perfect match. Located just four hours out of Sydney, this is the perfect country escape from the city. The Hunter Valley is Australia’s most famous wine region. The lush surroundings make for a sensational backdrop for the vineyards.

Taste your way through the Hunter Valley with day trip wine tours, and even weekend tours that take you straight from Sydney to the vineyards. Unwind from a day of wine tastings with a game of golf, or take a visit to the luxurious day spas in the stunning valley. At night, enjoy world-class food and wines with the best local produce.


Image: Flickr @Wyncliffe


Jervis Bay

Where to start with the beautiful Jervis Bay? The white sands? The clear waters? The undisturbed greenery? Jervis Bay has got it all. Jervis Bay is located a mere three-hour drive from Sydney. Experience a piece of a paradise at Jervis Bay, where there are secret beaches and coves around every road bend, it’s the closest thing you’ll get to having a private beach experience.

Jervis Bay is a perfect place to get a few great travel shots, like these top Instagrammable Spots in Sydney!


Image: Flickr @Visit Shoalhaven


Enter Jervis Bay through Booderee National Park where 48-hour entrance will set you back $11AUD, making it the perfect place for a weekend stay.

If you’ve got the chance, settle yourself down into one of the various camping spots for the weekend and take in the natural surroundings of the national park. The camping spots are self-service, so you’ll have to bring your own food and beverages, however, some camping spots have designated fire areas, showers, and bathrooms.



Wattamolla is located in Sydney’s Royal National Park, just one and a half hours drive from Sydney! Before arriving make sure you stock up on water and food, as the beach is fairly off road and you won’t be able to buy anything on the beach. The best thing to do is pack a picnic, and have a family day out in the designated barbeque area.


Image: Flickr @Shaye Byles


Wattamolla is well known for its lagoon, which is the perfect place for snorkeling and is popular amongst adrenaline seekers with cliff diving. The area is completely safe, and the calm waters of the lagoon make for the perfect place to take the kids out for a swim! Be sure to get there before lunch to beat the rush, and get yourself the perfect spot.

A ten-minute drive from Wattamolla is Bundeena where you’ll be able to get yourself to the local supermarket and stop by the eateries for seaside eats. If you’re up for hiking adventures, check out the beautiful Wedding Cake Rock trail where the track makes for the perfect Instagram shot!


What are your favorite summer road trips from Sydney?


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