How-to Become An Influential Travel YouTuber In 2020

How To Become A Travel Influencer

What's In This Guide?

Want to become an influential travel Youtuber? 

In this blog post, I’ll share my full wisdom on how to become the greatest travel Youtuber that you can be. Many people are curious on how to be successful or make money on Youtube, but the majority are forgetting the true secret in success…a passion for travel.

Many people get lost within filming and tend to lose their love for travelling as a whole. My goal is to make this not happen, as I want to begin your journey and passion for travelling and filming. You will gain love for travelling and a passion to share your journeys and experiences with the world after reading this. With YouTube stars like FunForLouis and Vagabrothers, you too can influence the minds of viewers to travel and explore the world. Here are a few steps to follow on how to become the best travel Youtuber that you can be in 2020. 

In my how to make become an influential Youtuber guide, I’ll address the following steps:

  1. What is the purpose in creating your Youtube channel?
  2. Understanding your intention for creating videos and travelling
  3. Knowing your target audience on Youtube
  4. Correct equipment and software for creating Youtube videos 
  5. Finding a style of editing and videoing 
  6. Continuously produce content

Step 1. What is the purpose of my Youtube channel?

With starting a Youtube channel, it’s important to know the purpose of your travel youtube channel. Is it to educate?, to show off all the place you’ve travelled or to simply share your memories and beautiful travel destinations 

It’s clear to say you have to have a deep love for travelling, countries or specific places in order to pursue becoming a travel Youtuber. You will need to create a drive and excitement around filming, to ultimately ensure not only you’re enjoying it but the viewers are. 

Without passion, there is no true motivation or tension with becoming a great travel YouTuber.  Viewers can sense when Youtubers are faking it or just using the platform for money, so start expressing your love for travelling to the camera. Start finding what you love in travelling whether that be travelling to new countries or experiencing new foods.  Plus there is science behind why falling in love is easier when you’re travelling, so you never know … you might find your soulmate while travelling. 


Step 2. Finding your intention to Travel & Film

As an up-coming YouTuber, you want to share videos, unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before. In creating videos with originality and innovative visions, your intentions of making your videos must be clear. You need to have a set plan or aim for why you’re travelling and filming for Youtube. Whether that be to show off where you’ve been or to have fun with Youtube as a creating platform.

As a YouTuber, you need to express through the screen your love for wanting to share with the world what you’re experiencing. Viewers can know through a 10-minute video if a Youtuber is passionate or not, or if they’re creating YouTube videos just for money. So, the true secret is…. to create what you love and to show it. 

You need to have the desire to continuously make content that excites yourself and ultimately your audience. Once you have an intention, stick to it. Whenever you’re lost in your work, you always have that to look back on to remind you why you started making Youtube videos in the first place. 


Step 3. Knowing your target audience on Youtube

It is an important step to understanding and evaluating who your audience is, where they are and why they are watching your video. This helps you characterise your audience and to imagine what they would be like and what exactly they would like to see. A fun psychographic exercise to do is imagine who your audience member is, what they look like, what they wear and what they like to watch on Youtube. This segmentation method will help you analyse who exactly is your target demographic that your videos are targeting. By doing this, you’re able to understand who your target audience is and how to make your videos interesting for them. 


Step 4. Having the right equipment for filming & editing on Youtube

Now is time for the fun stuff. Purchasing! Ensure you do your research on the best cameras, editing software and equipment there is for vlogging and video recording. 

It’s really important to do your research before you go out and purchase. Compare and contrast what camera and editing software work best before you go all out on spending. After you’ve done your research, save up.. a lot, like equipment, software and cameras can be expensive. It’s important to look for equipment and software that will support your type of vlogging style and the videos you want to create.


Step 5. Knowing your style of videos 

It is important in knowing how you like to manage your workload. Whether that be planning your videos/travel plans prior to filming or going with the flow and filming as you travel without a plan. Know your style of filming and stick with it as it’s important for a channel to be cohesive with how they film and with the cameras and editing style they use. There’s no how-to on the best way to film a travel vlog, but there are popular methods that are favoured. I would say the best way to learn is to experiment with different styles and see what works best with your channel.


Step 6. Keep producing content

Now for the easy part. Keep continuously producing content that excites not only you but your viewers. This trial and error process so have fun experimenting with filming. You want to create enjoyable content for Youtube, so have fun with your work. This could even be your job if you keep at it, you never know.   

These steps will not only give you an insight into becoming a successful travel Youtuber, but it will teach you how to love what you’re doing and to always put meaning behind your work. It’s always important to have intention and motivation when conducting any project or work of yours. With my own experiences, I have learnt to jump into new experiences whilst travelling and to capture that naturally on camera. 

If you enjoyed this step by step guide on how to become an influential YouTuber and want to learn more about how to use YouTube effectively, check out the Online Creator Institute’s YouTube MasterClass education.

About The Author: Sabrina Trohidis Is a Marketing Executive at the Online Creator Institute

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