Top Hotels on Koh Lipe

7 Best Hotels on Koh Lipe

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7 Best Hotels on Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe offers an amazing selection of boutique and luxury hotels with stunning beachfront views which are hard to beat anywhere else in Thailand. Small wooden bungalows, rather than giant concrete hotels, are the typical form of accommodation and are dotted all around the island.


Which Area Should You Stay?

There are thee main beaches where these hotels are located; Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach, and Pattaya Beach. So where on the island should you stay?

Sunrise Beach has over half of these top 10 hotels on Koh Lipe. Though the beach is lined with little bungalows style resorts right along, it still remains a tranquil spot where you can laze away your days by the sea.

Sunset Beach is located on the far side of the island, about half an hour away by foot. There are only two resorts over here, making it much more secluded. This is ideal if you really want to really escape the buzz and just enjoy the serenity.

Pattaya Beach is the busiest of the three main beaches, located right by the lovely walking street. You’re more likely to find larger hotels rather than small wooden bungalows along Pattaya Beach. Good if you want an all-in 5-star experience, but not why I visit Koh Lipe.


My Top Hotels on Koh Lipe


Castaway Resort Koh Lipe
Castaway Resort Koh Lipe

Castaway Koh Lipe

The Beachfront Breezy Bungalows at Castaway Resort has the most stunning island views. Stare out the second-floor window at the turquoise colours of the Andaman Sea. This is one place you will find yourself waking for sunrise every day. If you’re a morning person, then Castaway is the top hotel on Koh Lipe for you.

The early riser can head down to the beach and start the day slow with an hour-long yoga or meditation session. Then, be sure to fill up on a breakfast of fresh fruits, pancakes, and damn good coffee at the beachfront restaurant.

Check prices and availability for Castaway Resort Koh Lipe


Bayview Sunset Bungalows
Bayview Sunset Bungalows

Bayview Sunset Bungalows

Perched high up on the mountain at the end of Sunset Beach, Bayview Sunset Bungalows offers one of the best views you’ll find on the island. Try the fusion dishes downstairs at the beachfront restaurant, or just kick back on your balcony enjoying the orange hues of the sunset. It’s a sight you won’t forget.

With only two hotels on this part of the island, Sunset Beach is far less developed than either Sunrise Beach or Pattaya Beach. You’ll have to walk further to the island’s main Walking Street, however, in return you’ll escape the crowds and get total serenity, making this one of the top hotels on Koh Lipe.

Check prices and availability for Bayview Sunset Bungalows


Sawan Resort Koh Lipe
Sawan Resort

Sawan Resort

This is another stunning bungalow style resort located over near Sunset Beach. Sawan Resort has a small collection of 5 comfortable Thai Style bungalows, a small resort which offers a secluded and private vibe. If you’re looking to get away from the action and enjoy a bit of luxury then Sawan Resort is the top hotel on Koh Lipe for you.

Each bungalow villa has a large and private balcony offering epic views of the Andaman Sea and Sunset Beach. If you don’t want to sit out on the balcony, then enjoy those epic views from your bed looking through the huge glass doors.

Check prices and availability for Sawan Resort


Serendipity Resort Koh Lipe
Serendipity Beach Resort

Serendipity Beach Resort

Nestled in a secluded spot on the hill just a short distance south of Sunrise Beach, Serendipity Beach Resort is a true slice of luxury. The villas have been designed to blend naturally into the landscape rather than protrude from it. Each villa has been positioned to take full advantage of the epic views across the Andaman Sea, with the highest villa sitting at 55 meters above sea level.

Check prices and availability for Serendipity Beach Resort


Mali Resort 2 Koh Lipe
Mali Resort

Mali Resort

There are two Mali Resorts on Koh Lipe, but Sunrise Beach is the one you want to stay at. This resort has 34 stunning Balinese style bungalows right by the ocean. Don’t let the thatch roof fool you, these bungalows have been fitted out for the luxury stay with a huge king size bed, air conditioner, rain shower, and mega glass sliding doors to enjoy the views of the island from.

Check prices and availability for Mali Resort


Ten Moons Resort

A handful of luxury thatch-roofed wooden bungalows surrounded by lush green vegetation and a small sandy beach. Ten Moons Resort will embrace the island vibes you’ve been longing for. The bungalows are set in a secluded spot just off the southern end of Sunrise Beach, which is close enough to be convenient, yet far enough to be tranquil.

The coral reefs of Koh Usen are just a short 200m paddle across the water where you will find an underwater oasis of tropical fish and corals.

Check prices and availability for Ten Moons Resort


Wapi Resort

Located among a pine tree forest in the middle of Sunrise Beach, Wapi Resort is one of the top hotels on Koh Lipe for those maintaining a tighter budget. The resort faces east towards the ocean for incredible sunrise views as you’d expect on this side of the island.

The bungalows are just a stone’s throw from the reefs which are filled with colourful tropical fish and soft corals. Guests can have free use of snorkel equipment to explore the coral reefs and can also use the bicycles for exploring the island.

Check prices and availability for Wapi Resort


Those are my top 7 hotels on Koh Lipe. Before you go make sure you read my full guide to Koh Lipe too!


Which hotel did you end up staying at? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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