The Lost Passport Travel Blog 2016 Review

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2016 What a Year for The Lost Passport

As 2016 comes to an end it is a good time to reflect on the growth of the Lost Passport over the past 12 months.

2016 has been a super busy year. There has been plenty of travel over a diverse set of destinations:

In between all the travelling and writing up new destinations we’ve even managed to make some guides on previous destinations like exploring the Taroko Gorge National Park in Taiwan,  drinking snake whiskey with a farmer in Hue Vietnam and motor biking the Ho Chi Minh Trail West.


Kangaroo at Murramarang Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip
Kangaroos by the beach while road tripping from Sydney to Melbourne
Cycling at Sri Nakhon Khuen Khan Park in Bang Krachao
Cylicng the jungle in Bangkok on Bang Krachao
Hue City Vietnam Farmer
Drinking snake whiskey with a Vietnamese farmer

In total we’ve produced 30 new articles in 2016! Of these articles 5 of were guest posts on some of Asia’s top travel blogs like Southeast Asa Backpacker, Adventure In You and Getting Stamped. The other 25 articles have been published here on The Lost Passport and have seen the audience grow dramatically. Thank you to all the readers!

Probably the biggest change this year has been the major facelift given to the travel blog. The name was changed from the original domain jshep-photography to The Lost Passport. Much easier to remember now! It is also easier to stumble across if you have lost your passport and googling what to do.


Change of Name & Host

We also revamped the look of the website to this beautiful and responsive theme called PhotoMe available on theThemeForest. Now the travel blog looks great on both mobile and desktop, with so much more functionally.

Last but not least we ditched Bluehost and went for a much smaller but way more reliable hosting service GigaTux. Load times are way quicker, support is insanely better and the prices are almost the same.

Some of the changes were tough and time consuming, but they had to be done sooner than later. All-in-all we’ve seen the audience grow by a factor of 10 times and still going strong. Looks like we’ve hit the stage of the snowball effect now.


So where to next?

2017 is going to be another awesome year of travel. The first major trip will be motorbiking in the highlands of Vietnam from HaGiang to Bao Lac followed by the back roads to Ban Gioc Waterfall. We’ve got hiking the back trails of Nepal on the list, a few weeks back in Australia, and finally going to explore Japan!

Expect plenty of mini guides coming out on more undeveloped Thai islands, and local Bangkok guides and other cities around Asia.

Importantly, make sure you sign up for the monthly mailing list to keep up to date. Also be sure to follow The Lost Passport on Facebook and Instagram for regular travel updates.


Where are you traveling in 2017? Drop me a comment below and we might just cross paths.

Let me show you how to travel Asia better, further, and easier than you can imagine. The highest waterfalls, remote islands, best street food, and plenty more!

Josh Shephard

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