MBK Bangkok

MBK Bangkok the Electronics Supercentre

MBK Bangkok is the Shopping Center With Everything

I recently made a trip over to MBK Bangkok (officially Mahboonkrong Centre) to get my camera serviced. Lately the camera has been getting a bit difficult to deal with, the auto focus slow and the images speckled with dust. The sign of a very dirty sensor.

Luckily MBK Bangkok is a place where almost anything electronic can be bought and fixed. Bluetooth speakers, computers, camera, second hand lenses, wireless keyboards, and most notably mobile phones, whatever you need there is a good chance it is at MBK Bangkok. There is also a huge selection of clothing and stereotypical Thai souvenirs available such as carved elephant ornaments, silk scarves and scented soaps.

MBK Bangkok

How to get to MBK Bangkok

MBK Bangkok is easily reached by the BTS Skytain system. Simply take the BTS Skytrain to the main interchange station named Siam where you can also find other shopping centers such as Siam Paragon. From there you can hop on board the train bound for National Stadium which is only one station away.

Alternatively MBK Bangkok can be reached by walking from Siam BTS station. Only a 10 minute walk you will pass by many street vendors selling all sorts of items ranging from I Love BKK shirts to deep fried insects.

Prices at MBK Bangkok

MBK is quite commonly known as a tourist destination and therefore prices in the small non-brand stores are inflated for the unknowing visitor. For example it is common to bargain down the price of a small wireless speaker from 1000 down to 500 Thai Baht, so don’t be afraid to push for a good deal.

One the other hand, MBK Bangkok also has many official stores on the upper levels such Big Camera and Fotofile which are both retailers of quality branded photography equipment including cameras, lenses, bags, filters and other accessories. In these type of stores prices are set by the tag and it is difficult to move from the given price. However by shopping around at many of the stores offering similar goods you may still be able to find a bargain on even the branded goods.

Non-Shopping Activities at MBK

Once you hit the point of exhaustion from over shopping at MBK Bangkok, this overwhelming shopping center still has a number of other activities to choose from up on the 7th Floor. Choose from a huge food court, an indoor bowling center with $2 beers or the cinemas. There is plenty available here to keep busy and out of the midday Bangkok heat wave.


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