5 Must See Locations on a Whistle Stop Tour of Thailand

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It’s little surprise Thailand has become such a popular spot for tourists to visit in recent years. The Asian nation offers a diverse range of activities and pursuits to get involved with, which will keep a traveler entertained for quite literally months.

Let’s take a tour of this majestic country, as we provide you with five fantastic destinations you’ll definitely want to experience for yourself.


  1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market 

In one of the most unique spectacles you’re ever likely to see, take a trip to the world renown floating markets in Damnoen Saduak. Queue along the river’s edge, as you wait for the floating salesman to peddle (or should we say ‘paddle’) their ware.

You’ll be able to find anything you would from a normal market, only with the joy of buying it off the back of a boat. Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound like too much of an extreme day out – but take our word for it when we say it’s a cultural experience you’ll not want to miss.

The event is located near a temple and takes place every afternoon. This makes it very easy to get to and gives you an option of a secondary activity at the holy building either before or after market times.

Also, check out Amphawa for one of Bangkok’s best floating markets.


  1. Sathon Unique Tower

Despite standing as one of the largest landmarks in all of Bangkok, this fascinating skyscraper was never completed due to the global financial crisis which struck in the nineties.

Now abandoned, it stands isolated, decrepit and degrading in the middle of the city. Despite having once been championed as a futuristic set of luxury apartments, it now poses as a poignant testament to poor planning and over-budgeting.

There are lots of kooky and creepy facts revolving around this spot, but perhaps the most interesting comes in the form of the arrest architect Rangan Torsuwan for attempted murder in 1993. 


  1. Songkran Water Festival

This spectacle of sound, noise and – most importantly – water, is one of the most popular events to get involved with for both tourists and locals alike. You’ll find people lining the streets with buckets and water guns, in an explosion of aquatic fun.

The secret traveler advises leaving your phone at home or wrapping it in a plastic bag. This applies to any type of electrical devices, which all run the risk of being damaged amidst the frivolities.

Don’t let that dampen your day though. Allow your inner child to escape and have a wild and wet time running through the streets with your blaster in hand.


  1. Khao Yai National Park

The Khao Yai National Park was the first established in Thai history and covers a whopping 2,168 square kilometers of land. The amazing landscape of this particular area is what makes it worth checking out ahead of its rival parks.

A mixture of grassland and rain forests has contributed to an environment which is more akin to something out of a fantasy novel than a real location. This has also encouraged a wide variety of wildlife to occupy residence here.

There are an estimated 300 species of birds in the park, as well as a host of different types of animals. Elephants, gibbons, and bears are just a minor selection of the creatures you’ll find on display.


  1. The Grand Palace

Serving as the former residence of the Kings of Siam, this archaic building was constructed in 1782, and is still as majestic today as it was back then. A highlight of the venue comes in the form of the Emerald Buddha. This feature actually outdates the temple, having been crafted (it’s believed) in 1434.

Situated in the heart of Bangkok, the palace might not still host the Thai royal family, but it does nevertheless expect guests to adhere to a strict dress code. Failing to stick to this, will see you refused entry. Be sure to check out this post on other facts of life in Thailand, so that you don’t get caught out!

If you loved the Grand Palace then you cannot miss these 12 temples in Bangkok!


If you’re off on a trip of Thailand any time soon, make sure to check out one of these amazing spots. If you don’t you’ll regret it when you eventually arrive home. Make sure you head over to the Thailand travel page for loads of travel tips and destinations to make your trip better than anyone else!


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