Paradise Found on Long Beach Koh Chang

Sitting on the Long Beach Koh Chang Jetty
Are you looking for the best beach on Koh Chang? Get off the west coast and head around to Long Beach on the far south eastern end of the island.

What's In This Guide?

Before you Get to Long Beach Koh Chang

So you’ve made it to Koh Chang, the Elephant Island in the Gulf of Thailand. You want to find a stretch of sand to yourself and you’ve heard of Long Beach Koh Chang. Firstly, if you haven’t read this travel post before arriving, the chances are that you have already checked in and dropped off your bags at a guesthouse somewhere along the islands west coast, and not wrongly so.

Long Beach Koh Chang

The west coast of Koh Chang is a mountainous pass along which the main road weaves its way through steep inclines of dense coastal jungle. There is an assortment of fantastic beaches tucked away between the hills each with its own character. For example there is the mid-upper class White Sands, the boutique orientated Khlong Phrao or the backpacker central of Lonely Beach. Head further afield and towards the southern Peninsula and you may even find yourself in the calmness of Bang Bao, a queit bay overlooking a small sea village.

Koh Chang is a massive island to say the least and packed with ample opportunity to keep every visitor busy well beyond their stay. It is simply for that reason that many don’t have the time to explore the entire west coast in a short stay, let alone consider the adventure of the east coast.

Palm trees on Long Beach Koh Chang

While both sides of the islands offer equal beauty, the east coast offers something a little more. Isolation, lack of development, little traffic, local villages, palm forested beaches, true relaxation. If truly kicking back in paradise and chilling out to the next level is your thing then look no further than Long Beach Koh Chang.

Long Beach Koh Chang

Where is Long Beach Koh Chang?

Long Beach Koh Chang takes a long while to get to, at least an hour by motorbike from Lonely Beach. It is so far that it is almost distant, but that’s what keeps the hordes of tourists away so don’t be discouraged.

Heading southwards from the main Trat ferry crossing you’ll find yourself following a road that immediately lacks the avenue of hotels. Instead you’ll come across a rocky coastline with scatted small beaches for most of the way. When there is no ocean visible you’ll find yourself passing walls of thick untamed jungle and steep mountain sides.

The road down the east coast continues on for quite some way, with a significant lack of signage to assist you on your way. The best method is simply to continue on straight until reaching a road sign for or Long beach which is indicated that it is yet another 15 kilometers away.

The main road weaves through small villages down the south eastern end of the island which you would never have known existed otherwise. Finally as the road comes to a sudden end and turns into a rocky dirt track through a jungle opening it’s time to park those motorbikes and start walking.

Pick a route through the coconut palm forest and you’re only minutes away from finding you’re secluded paradise. There are not any signs down this way for the beach so you’ll have to get the map handy and just keep on walking until reaching the ocean.

Palm forest Long Beach Koh Chang

Upon reaching Long Beach you’ll be welcomed with a sunny green lawn dotted with the shade of sparsely planted palm trees. Throw down a towel and it’s the perfect way to enjoy the ocean breeze without cooking yourself to the shade of tomato red.

Run off the jetty, laze in the palm shade reading a book, take a walk around the peninsula or order a fresh cooked meal and in ice cold beer from the beach side kitchens. Make Long Beach Koh Chang your destination, just be careful of falling coconuts (seriously).


A Few Shots of Long Beach Koh Chang

Panorama View Long Beach Koh Chang

Sitting on the Long Beach Koh Chang Jetty

sleeping on Long Beach Koh Chang

Long Beach Koh Chang is definitely one of my favorite beaches in Thailand. It goes on the best of list with Tao Pao beach on Koh Kood and the beach by the Koh Adang Campground.

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