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The Lost Passport has partnered with tourism departments, hotels, and tour operators as an established travel influencer in the industry.

Many travel influencers focus on a couple of the top attractions. We make an effort to go further, to get lost in your region, and to uncover the lesser known destinations.

The outcome? An ultimate guide for visitors to rely on spanning multiple platforms. A deliverable generating loads of interest and revenue for a range of local businesses.

When your region partners with The Lost Passport we will strive to achieve beyond what the crowd is pitching.

Forget about influencers offering one or two social media posts in exchange for everything.

Welcome to the world of detailed feature articles, guest posts, social media campaings, videos, premium photography, and plenty more. 

With The Lost Passport, you have access to multiple platforms under one roof.

We tap directly into The Lost Passport’s ever-growing audience and that of other like-minded travel blogs via a series of “guest posts” which draw fresh organic visitors.

Here are a few samples of work with tourism departments, and a spotlight on some local businesses.

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Visit Central Finland

Visit Central Finland manages tourism for the regions of Jyvaskyla, Petajavesi, Keuruu, and the villages around the Great Lake Keitele. Central Finland is part of Finland’s Lakeland landscape region.

We explored Central Finland for five days collaborating with local hotels and tour operators, along with visits to the historical towns of Petajavesi and Keuruu.


A Weekend Escape to a Finnish Summer Cottage – published on Engineer On Tour

7 Villages in Finnish Lakeland You Need to Know About– published on MeganStarr

Top 12 Places to Visit in Finland – published on The Lost Passport


Hot tub overlooking Lake Keitele
Sauna house in the forest
Leivnmaki National Park
Petajavesi UNESCO Heritage Site
“Great articles! It’s been nice to repost some great quality photos! It was great to meet you and if you’re coming to Finland again at some point, just let me know, so we can arrange something for you again!”
Tuomas Paloniemi
Project Assistant, Visit Central Finland

Visit Rovaniemi

Visit Rovaniemi manages tourism for Rovaniemi, a district of Lapland Province in northern Finland.

We explored Rovaniemi for five days on the Rovaniemi Summer Ambassador Program. The region is popular throughout the winter months, so the aim of the program was to increase tourism throughout spring and summer.


9 Great Things to do in Rovaniemi – published on The Lost Passport

Top 12 Places to Visit in Finland – published on The Lost Passport


Wild reindeer family near Rovaniemi
Midnight Sun across Kemijoki River
Glass igloos at Apukka Resort
Reindeer at Sant Claus Village
Picking wild blueberries
Road into Rovaniemi

Visit Saimaa

Visit Saimaa manages tourism for the regions around the Saimaa Lakes waterways in southeast Finland including; Savonlinna, Mikkeli, and Varkaus.

We explored the Saimaa Lakes region for five days collaborating with two hotels, five local tour operators, two restaurants, and visited a range of destinations requiring more publicity.

The articles delivered for Visit Saimaa cover a range of cultural, historical, and natural destinations, influencing visitors to Finland to make the short trip from Helsinki to this lesser-known region just a few hours away.


13 Awesome Things to do in Savonlinna – published on The Lost Passport

5 Great Things to do Near Mikkeli – published on The Lost Passport

Top 12 Places to Visit in Finland – published on The Lost Passport


Boat tour with operator in Mikkeli
Anttolanholvi Art & Design Villas
Olavinlinna Castle, Savonlinna
Forest setting near Mikkeli
Saimaa Lakes region
Jarvisydan Resort & Spa boat houses

Martinselkonen Bear Excursions

The Martinselkonen conservation area creates a perfect setting for nature adventures throughout the year. The local bear population provides unforgettable experiences for photographers and anyone wanting to observe Finland’s Brown Bears in their natural habitat.

We visited Martinselkonen Bear Excursion for 4-hour afternoon safari during the summer months.

The media delivered for Martinselkon Bear Excursions included an article, a video, and a range of social media posts.


Brown Bear Watching in Finland – published on The Lost Passport

Top 12 Places to Visit in Finland – published on The Lost Passport



Southern Discovery Cruises

Southern Discoveries is the original Milford Sound cruise operator and provides the most options for exploring this iconic and internationally-renowned natural attraction.

Based in the South Island of New Zealand, they offer visitors the longest and most in-depth Milford Sound Nature Cruise, kayaking in one of the fiord’s most tranquil settings, an amazing underwater observatory, guided day trips by coach or scenic flight, and more.

We joined Southern Discovery Cruises on their Encounter Nature Cruise through Milford Sound.

The media delivered for Southern Discover Cruises included an article, a video, and a range of social media posts.


Milford Sound Encounter Nature Cruise – published on The Lost Passport

2 Week NZ South Island Road Trip Itinerary – published on The Lost Passport


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