Suan Peung Hotel in the Mountains

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Suan Peung is regarded as the “Switzerland of Thailand” a popular destination for Thai tourists seeking a weekend escape form Bangkok, with plenty of photogenic hotel and resorts dotted along the mountain range. Located about 3hrs drive west of Bangkok in Ratchaburi Province it makes an easy escape from the Bangkok city craziness.

Suan Peung Hotel อิงหมอก สวนผึ้ง

With big thanks to friend and local Bangkok street/portrait photographer Top (check out his works on PostCardCheewit) we were requested to do a photo shoot of the Mountain Resort อิงหมอก สวนผึ้ง (pronounced Ing Mok).

Suan Peung Hotel (อิงหมอก สวนผึ้ง) Review

The Suan Peung hotel อิงหมอก สวนผึ้ง (Ing Mok) has been in operation by owner and family for the past 6yrs, and is lesser known than the other major themed resorts around the area. However, through lack of commercialism อิงหมอก สวนผึ้ง is packed with personality and a welcoming vibe through the entire stay.

Being a bit further past the central resort area, อิงหมอก สวนผึ้ง provides a great landscape view of the cloud laden mountains in the early morning and afternoon.

Rooms are spacious and well lit with large windows offering great view of the mountains. The rooms are all fitted with large balconies, barbecue grill for cooking, double bed and of course an outdoor bathroom for you to take a shower or toilet break in a bit of nature.

Suan Peung Hotel อิงหมอก สวนผึ้ง

The hotel provides a kitchen for further cooking facilities, and where you can watch the owner “Uncle” prepare a few fish or cook up a huge feast. At get ready to chill out and drink a few cold Singha beers and enjoy the tranquility of nature in the mountains.

Suan Peung Hotel อิงหมอก สวนผึ้ง

Suan Peung Hotel อิงหมอก สวนผึ้ง Inquiries

If you are wanting to stay at อิงหมอก สวนผึ้ง but cannot get in contact with the owner for any reason, drop us an inquiry in the comment section below are we will get you sorted out!

Big thanks to all those who made this an awesome weekend, hope to be on another photography adventure soon. Next up Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party, stay tuned.

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