Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip Australia’s East Coast

Kangaroo at Murramarang Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip

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The East Cost Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip

Doing a Sydney to Melbourne road trip is an amazing way to see Australia. Drive along the coast from Sydney to Wollongong. Climb up the hinterland in southern NSW. Camp with kangaroos on the beach at Murramarung. This is an incredible 1,050 kilometer experience.

Chances are that you’ve traveled Australia’s east cost to places like Cairns, Townsville, Magnetic Island, and the Whitsundays. These are all beautiful places, but the road from Sydney to Melbourne offers a completely different experience.

South Coast Victoria


Up Through the Hinterland

Departing Sydney we head south up the mountains overlooking the picturesque towns of Wollongong, Kiama and Nowra.

Where the road descends to the coast the Pacific Ocean slams its fierce waves into the rugged rocks below. This isn’t a place for swimming but an amazing view nevertheless. The coastal road south of Sydney goes on like this for hours.

Returning to the mountains we climb up the hinterland. Everything here is a vibrant green, nothing like the barren landscape on the western side of Australia’s Great Dividing Range.

Winding through the forest on a Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip

NSW Hinterland Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip

The nature trail through the mountains is broken up by a number of small villages. Places like Berry and Bombaderry are filled with weekend motorcyclists, antiques shops, fish and chip takeaways and small pubs. This is a perfect weekend getaway from Sydney.

Due to our late Sydney departure we only make it as far as Batemans Bay by night. Only 300 kilometers south of Sydney, it turns out to be a great place to spend the night.


Camping with Kangaroos by the Beach

As night falls we pitch our tent in the grounds of Murramarnag National Park. This is located just outside of Batemans Bay along the stretch of sand called Milk Beach.

The night starts off calm, however we are soon met with deep black clouds, strong winds and torrential rain. By about 9pm the tent has been destroyed by the wind, the waterproof cover missing and the floor an inch under water.

Camping at murramarang national park


Retreating to the car for the night we are able to keep warm and dry, at least compared to the outdoors. Despite the weather, Murramarang is a beautiful place to spend a night on this Sydney to Melbourne road trip.

If camping and braving the weather is not your idea of a holiday then click here for a full range of accommodation options in Batemans Bay.

The next morning we explore the surrounding nature. Walking towards the beach for a nice sunrise we notice a kangaroo eating on the grass. As we get close it notices us and bounces away.

Following this kangaroo down the beach we find a family of more than 20 kangaroos! They are all enjoying breakfast on the grass in the early morning sun.

Lone Kangaroo at Murramarang Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip

Kangaroo at Murramarang Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip


The South Coast

After our morning with the kangaroos we get back on the road. The remaining drive from Sydney to Melbourne is still 750 kilometers. That’s the same distance as crossing the entire country of Germany in one day.

Our first stop on day 2 is a small town called Narooma. This beach side town has more cafes than people and makes a great place to stop for breakfast. Pop into the local cafe to get a Bacon & Egg Roll and coffee for breakfast while on your Sydney to Melbourne road trip!

From Narooma the road winds south through the hinterland. We drive for hours in thick forests which seem to reach into the clouds. With more time available we would definitely have spent camping a night up here.

The east coast is filled with great camping locations such as Ben Boyd National Park. Like Murramarang it is also common to see many iconic Australian animals such as Kangaroos, Echidnas and Wombats.

Murramarng National Park

Our long journey continues south along the coast with with plans to get to Melbourne before midnight.

Doing a Sydney to Melbourne road trip is an amazing experience through a very diverse part of Australia. This article has only touched on what to see.

To truly experience the east coast of Australia I highly recommend hiring a campervan. Allow a week on for this route and it will become a trip you’ll never forget.


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