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Top budget Resorts in Thailand - Tayan

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Don’t Miss These Awesome Cheap Resorts in Thailand

There are so many hotels and resorts in Thailand that it can seem impossible to figure out which is best. Don’t worry, I’ve made things simple for you with my list of the top cheap resorts in Thailand.

Why spend over $300 per night when you can pay well under $100 per night. For that, you will still get a nice air-conditioned bungalow right by the ocean or along the river. Not a bad deal right?

After living in Thailand for the past 4 years I have traveled about three-quarters of the country. That means I have stayed in a lot of cheap resorts, and have a few favorites I want to share with you.

If I had to choose just one it would be Nature Beach Resort on the west coast Koh Chang. The sunsets here are amazing, the beach is beautiful, and the food is quite well priced. The only problem is that it’s quite often fully booked weeks in advance, so get in early.

Our typical choice of cheap resort in Thailand falls in the price range of $30 – $100 per night. Of course, that depends on location. For this, we can usually keep all of our standard comforts including:

  • A great view; beachfront, riverside or mountain lookout
  • Air conditioner
  • Large comfortable bed
  • Breakfast available at hotel or close by

With this guide, you can also have all of this for the price of a cheap resort!

How can you do this? Here are my top 8 cheap resorts in Thailand.




Cheap Beachfront Resorts in Thailand


1. Koh Kood Cabana, Kod Kood (Trat)

Koh Kood Cabana Swing

Let me start by saying that Koh Kood is my favorite island in the whole of Thailand! So if you have landed on this post, I hope you plan to make a trip here.

Koh Kood is an island that is really an escape from it all. It is located only 5 hours from Bangkok, so it’s way closer than the islands in the south of Thailand. Koh Kood still comes with that island life you love, less the tourists. Read my article for plenty of things to do Koh Kood.

Hands down, my favorite resort on the island is Kood Cabana. This resort has a series of basic wooden bungalows built right along Ao Tapao, the most amazing beach on the island. Check out those rope swings! Where else would you want to be enjoying the beautiful summer days?

Rooms are basic with double beds and air conditioners. During the day the resort runs optional waterfall tours around the island. In the afternoon the beach offers fantastic sunset views. At night you can also enjoy complimentary fire spinning shows (high season only) and great seafood buffets.

Book it now: Koh Kood Cabana


2. Nature Beach Resort, Koh Chang (Trat)

Nature Beach Resort Koh Chang

Koh Chang is Thailand’s third largest island after Phuket and Koh Samui. It is so big that it will take you over an hour to drive all the way down the west coast of the island. The island is diverse and each beach has its own vibe be it luxury resorts or backpackers hostels.

If you’re looking for a really comfortable yet cheap resort on Koh Chang, then you have to visit Nature Beach Resort. It is located a 10 minute walk north of Lonely beach (the party district) yet far enough that you won’t hear the music late at night.

You will love the beachfront pool, epic sunset views from the restaurant, air-conditioned bungalows and of course the amazing beach right out the front of the resort.

Book it now: Nature Beach Resort


3. Bayview Resort, Koh Lipe (Satun)

Bayview Sunset Resot koh Lipe

I only discovered Koh Lipe a few years ago, but since then I’ve visited four times! My ultimate guide to Koh Lipe shows just how amazing this island is.

As the popularity of Koh Lipe increases, Sunrise Beach and Pattaya Beach on the East have been getting busier. On our previous trip, we decided to head over to the west of the island and stay on Sunset Beach. What a fantastic decision that was!

Bayview Sunset Resort is perfectly positioned at the end of Sunset Beach, up on the mountain. As the name suggests, you get some pretty epic views of the sunset over the Andaman Sea from here. You’ll also leave with some nicely toned legs after climbing these stairs every day for a week.

The prime position room has unobstructed views over the Andaman Sea and is air-conditioned. If you’re sticking to a tight budget, then opt for the fan only garden view rooms. Either way, you will love your time here with breakfast on the beach and tropical house tunes in the afternoon.

Book it now: Bayview Sunset Resort


Cheap Riverside Resorts in Thailand


4. Tayan Resort and Spa, Sai Yok (Kanchanaburi)

Top budget Resorts in Thailand - Tayan

I used to think Kanchanaburi was all about day trips to the Bridge on the River Kwai and the Erawan Falls. But damn, there is so much more to discover!

From Kanchanaburi’s town center, you must head another 30 minutes further west to the sub-district called Sai Yok. You can get out here by hiring a car or motorbike in Kanchanaburi, or even take a taxi.

Sai Yok is Kanchanaburi’s wild side and one of my favorite destinations near Bangkok. Here you will find some of the most chilled out floating jungle rafts in Asia. Tick that off the bucket list!

The Tayan Resort has been my go-to spot in Kanchanaburi for a few years now. The rooms are basic with a double bed and air conditioner, including a Thai style breakfast.

What’s awesome about Tayan Resort is that your door is literally three steps to the river. Jump in the water to escape the summer heat, then fall asleep in one of those incredible hammocks in the photo above.

At night ask the friendly staff for a barbecue and grill up some fresh seafood by the water. They’ll also do the legwork for you and bring cold beers down the mountain to your room. It’s living in luxury for a fraction of the cost!

Book it now: Tayan Resort and Spa


5. Love Bridge Resort, Sangkhlaburi (Kanchanaburi)

Top Budget Resort Sangkhlaburi
Image Credit: Agoda

Head further east still from Sai Yok and you will reach Sangkhlaburi. Not many western tourists make it out this far, but those who do are in for a treat.

Sangkhlaburi is home to the iconic Wooden Mon Bridge, a floating village on the lake and the famous submerged Thai temple. Further out of town you can explore amazing waterfalls and jungle trails such as the Kratengjeng Waterfall.

At the end of the day relax with lakeside views at Love Bridge House Resort. This resort is built near the lake and within walking distance from the wooden Mon Bridge.

Book it now: Love Bridge House Resort


6. Fortune River View, Chiang Kong (Chiang Rai)

Budget resorts in Thailand
Image Credit: Agoda

From just USD 40 per night, the Fortune River View is one of the cheapest luxury hotels I have ever stayed in!

The Fortune River View Hotel is located right alongside the Mekong River in the far-east of Chiang Rai Province. I love waking up early for the buffet breakfast and just looking across the river to Laos.

The rooms here are fully equipped like any 4 or 5-star hotel should be. You get a seriously comfy bed, great river views, air-conditioner and a fantastic outside dining area. If you want luxury on a budget, then this is the place to experience it!

Chiang Kong has always been a stopover destination for me, either while traveling down the mountains from Phu Chi Fa and Doi Patang or crossing over from Laos by boat. If you do want to hang around a bit longer, I suggest getting up really early to view the monk procession thorugh town and make an offering (it’s a similar experience to that in Luang Prabang but less tourists).

Book it now: Fortune River View


Cheap Jungle Resorts in Thailand


7. Phu Mok Camp, Phu Chi Fa (Chiang Rai)

It’s no secret that I am crazy in love with Chiang Rai. In fact, I spent 6 months there while I found the top things to do in Chiang Rai!

One of my favorite destinations in this Northern Province is amazing lookout called Phu Chi Fa where you can stand above the clouds.

The town itself and road leading up to the peak feels a little clustered. However, head a few kilometers south from the town to the Phu Mok Camp. The rooms here offer panoramic views looking over the mountains.

Prices jump depending on season and demand, so be sure to book your spot early!

Contact them: Phu Mok Camp


8. Khao Sok Paradise Resort, Khao Sok (Suratthani)

Khao Sok Paradise Resort Budget Thailand
Image Credit: Agoda

Ever wanted to stay in a tree house? This is your chance!

The Khao Sok Paradise Resort is located within 20 minutes walking distance of the Khao Sok National Park entrance. Here you can experience some of Thailand’s best jungle trekking, swim in a jungle waterfall or explore the huge Cheow Lan Dam.

Khao Sok Paradise Resort offers wooden bungalows built high up in the treetops, accessible via raised boardwalk. The room’s balconies offer mountain views surrounded by a relaxing jungle setting.

Go back to basics with the traditional Thai Bamboo House, or opt for more luxury with the Tree Hut which includes both air-conditioner and bathtub for a really cheap price.

The Khao Sok Paradise Resort is one of my favorite cheap resorts in Thailand that you cannot miss!

Book it now: Khao Sok Paradise Resort


9. Bangkok Treehouse, Bang Krachao (Bangkok)

Bangkok treehouse Bang Krachao
Image Credit: Lost at E Minor

This is your chance to stay in Bangkok’s most unique guesthouse.

The Bangkok Treehouse is located on the manmade island of Bang Krachao right in the heart of Bangkok. This area is still heavily filled with jungle and small farms and is commonly referred to as the Lungs of Bangkok.

The guesthouse has a small selection of rooms which offers views over a jungle heavy Bangkok from the past and the Chao Praya River.

The Bangkok Treehouse has a heavy focus on sustainability, using sustainable materials for construction and pledging to remove waste from the Chao Praya River for every guest that stays.

OK… this one isn’t exactly on a budget, but definitely one of the most unique boutique resorts in Thailand.

Book it now: Bangkok Treehouse


Heading to northern Thailand? Check out my top hotels in Chiang Rai (budget and luxury options).


What are your top cheap resorts in Thailand? Drop me a comment below!


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