Top 9 Hotels in Chiang Rai (Budget & Luxury)

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Top 9 Hotels in Chiang Rai (Town and Provincial Areas)

If you have read my huge Chiang Rai travel guide, you will know that I absolutely love this peaceful part of northern Thailand. It might be quieter than Chiang Mai, but there is still so much to do here.

This article includes a range of the top hotels in Chiang Rai. There are some hotels around the town centre which are great for exploring locally for a few days. There are also some resorts in the countryside where I’d say Chiang Rai is the most beautiful.

Generally, the town centre is ideal for budget accommodation in Chaing Rai with plenty of options. It is an easy walking distance to the Night Bazaar, the Clocktower, bars, and restaurants.

North of town near the Kok River is more scenic, but also more expensive. There is a range of mid-range and luxury hotels where you really get that laid back Chiang Rai vibe.


Top Budget Hotels in Chiang Rai (Town)

1. Mercy Hostel

Mercy Hostel

Mercy Hostel is located right by the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar, about 500 meters from the centre of town. This is one of the closest hotels to Chiang Rai’s town centre. Mercy Hostel has an 8-bed dorm room and private room options.

All rooms have Wi-Fi and air conditioning. You will love the swimming pool for cooling off in the afternoon heat, and the pool table for socialising with other solo travellers.

Check Availability and Rates: Mercy Hostel


2. Fun-D Hostel

Fun-D Hostel

Fun-D Hostel is located about 700 meters east of the town centre near the King Mengrai Monument. Fun-D Hostel has private rooms, 6-bed dorms, and 8-bed dorms to choose from. It’s an awesome option for backpackers on a longer trip with a budget.

Rooms have Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Some nights there are also great beer specials and live music events.

Check Availability and Rates: Fun-D Hostel


3. Banlomnow

Banlomnow Guesthouse

The Banlomnow Guesthouse is a nice colonial building located about 2km south of the town. There are private rooms with air conditioners, free Wi-Fi, and private bathrooms. The guesthouse is close enough to town to be walking distance (about 30 minutes) though it is a fair bit further out than Mercy Hostel.

Check Availability and Rates: Banlomnow Guesthouse


Top Luxury Hotels in Chiang Rai (Town)

4. The Riviere by Katathani

The Riviere, Chiang Rai

The Riviere Island Resort is my favourite luxury resort on this list of the top hotels in Chiang Rai. It is located 2km from the centre of town alongside the Kok River, so is still walking distance to the town centre. The Riviere Island Resort overlooks the mountain ranges to the north, perhaps one of the nicest views in Chiang Rai.

Check Availability and Rates: The Riviere by Katathani


5. The Legend Chiang Rai

The Legend Chiang Rai

The Legend Chiang Rai is a super luxury style resort located right along the banks of the Kok River. If you want to splurge a bit on your trip, then look no further. Everything here is amazing; food, pool, views, rooms, and beds. You may only stay one or two nights here, but you won’t forget them.

Check Availability and Rates: The Legend Chiang Rai


6. Laluna Resort, Chiang Rai

Laluna Resort

Laluna Resort is a great mid-range hotel near the centre of Chiang Rai. It is located within walking distance of the weekend walking street markets, 2km south of the city centre. Laluna Resort has a great swimming pool and comfortable rooms. A great spot for your time spent in the city.

Check Availability and Rates: Laluna Resort


Top Hotels in Chiang Rai (Rural)

7. Fortune River View, Chiang Kong

Fortune View Hotel

The Fortune River View hotel is located right by the Mekong River in Chiang Kong, with a direct view across to Laos. From just USD 40 per night in the low season, with regular specials on, it is surely one of the cheapest luxury resorts you will find in Thailand. The hotel is a short walking distance to the town centre where you can see the procession of monks in the early morning.

Check Availability and Rates: Fortune River View


8. Rai Saeng Arun Resort, Chiang Saen

Rai Saen Arun

Rai Saeng Arun Resort is one of the best-kept secrets of northern Thailand. This boutique hotel in Chiang Rai’s mountains is located midway between Chiang Khong and Chiang Saen with stunning views over the Mekong River.

Access your bungalow via this long wooden boardwalk crossing the rice paddies for a throwback to the rural life. This picturesque bungalows comes at a price though, upwards of USD 100 per night and quite often fully booked out in advance.

Check Availability and Rates: Rai Saeng Arun Resort


9. Imperial Golden Triangle Resort, Chiang Saen

Imperial Golden Triangle Hotel

Another luxury hotel in Chiang Rai from just USD50 per night, this town has some awesome deals! The Imperial Golden Triangle Resort is one of the best places to stay in Chiang Saen with great views over the Golden Triangle. This hotel is located right near the location where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar borders meet.

Check Availability and Rates: Imperial Golden Triangle Resort


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