Wentworth Falls a Nature Retreat at Sydney’s Back Door

Wentworth Falls Blue mountains travel photographer

What's In This Guide?

Where would you rather be this weekend? How about hiking down and showering in the cool refreshing Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains National Park right at Sydney’s back door.

Landscape photo of Wentworth Falls

The Blue Mountains National Park is a great stop on a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne. The place is crawling with trails ready to be discovered, walked and photographed. With over 60 trails there is plenty on offer from hiking, scenic lookouts, waterfalls, rivers and camping grounds.

The National Pass walk at Wentworth Falls is supposedly rated Medium-Hard at 4.8km circuit distance, requiring 3-4hrs plus extra for relaxing at the bottom of the Wentworth Falls itself. The initial descent and final climbs out are quite steep however not too challenging with the graded stairs installed.

The National Pass walk at Wentworth Falls passes through track carved into the face of sheer cliffs, down winding staircases, across multiple waterfalls and running streams and through fern laden rainforest at the base of the falls.

Aerial view of Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls Blue mountains travel photographer

Throughout the walk you will come across areas where landslide has evidently occurred in the past, revealing millions of years of history for all those geotech heads, or just beautiful soil rainbows to the rest of us. Either way it makes for another amazing yet unexpected sight on the walk.

Layered soil at Wentworth Falls walk

View of the Blue Mountains from Wentworth Falls

There is plenty of wildlife to be discovered along the track if walking quietly enough. On the walk you may be lucky enough to come across bush turkeys, blue tongue lizards and sugar gliders. You may also be unlucky enough to come across plenty of species of spiders and snakes, so wear some proper hiking pants or keep your wits about yourself while walking.

Photography Gear for Wentworth Falls?

For all those wanting to get out and catch some amazing photos of the Wentworth Falls and the nature trail, be sure to pack the following:

  • Tripod for sturdy positioning on long exposure shots
  • Neutral Density (ND) Filters for long exposure capabilities in the broad daylight
  • Graduated ND Filter Kit for balancing out that over exposed sunny sky
  • Wide Angle Lens to photograph entire waterfalls from mouth to foot
  • Telephoto Zoom Lens for photographing close ups of wildlife
  • External Flash for any outdoor portrait you may want to take at the lookouts

Portrait photo over Blue Mountains National Park

Feel free to share any of you own photos of the Wentworth Falls or other attractions in the blue mountains national park below as a link to you page, blog or other photography account!

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