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Hi, I’m Josh… Some call me Fishtank, but that’s up to you.

In 2013 I realized I needed a break from daily life in Sydney, Australia. So I booked a 2-month round trip ticket to Southeast Asia and packed my bags rather lightly.

The plan was to go climb Mount Kinabalu, see some orangutans, explore Taiwan, then drop into Hong Kong for a couple of weeks.

Well, after only 2 days in Sabah Malaysia I decided I wasn’t going back to Australia anytime soon. I called work and told them that I was quitting my job. It felt like a pretty wild decision back then.

I ended up being on the road in Asia for one year. First exploring the tourist hotspots, then I bought a motorbike and got further and further off the tourist trail.

I learned to speak some of the local languages and started having more authentic and unique experiences.

When I “settled down” I ended up living in Thailand. First in a small city called Chiang Rai near the Myanmar border. Then for 5 years in Bangkok.

Throughout this time I explored Asia like crazy! Islands, mountains, beaches, waterfalls, markets. You name it, I went there.

Photography is one of my travel inspirations. If you’ve ever met me on the road you will know how much camera gear I carry around. Check out what’s in my camera bag!

At the moment I am living in Melbourne, Australia. This is base camp while I explore the South Pacific Islands and Australia.
If you’re in town feel free to drop me an email on thelostpassportblog@gmail.com or send me a Facebook message on my page “The Lost Passport” I’m always up for a beer or two, maybe ten. And love to chat about crazy travel adventures!
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