Hey it’s Josh here!

In 2013 I needed a break from the daily life in Sydney. So I booked a 2 month round trip ticket to Southeast Asia and packed my bags rather lightly.

After only 2 days in Sabah Malaysia I decided I wasn’t going to be heading back anytime soon. I called work and told them that I was quitting my job. That felt like a pretty outrageous move back then.

A year of travel led me towards travel blogging. The Lost Passport was born mid-2013 as a travel photography site but has since grown into a full Southeast Asia travel blog.

Photography has been one of the main motivations behind my travels ever since I bought my first DSLR way back in 2007 in Hong Kong. It is my camera that drives me to Off the Beaten Track destinations.

Whether is it waterfalls kilometers deep in the jungle, hidden motorbike routes illegally crossing country borders, tea shops in  small back alleys or a simple farmers hut with an amazing view over the mountains, I always try to travel differently.

When I’m not traveling I spend my time living in Bangkok in the first apartment I’ve ever bought.

If you’re in town feel free to drop me an email on [email protected] or send me a facebook message on my page “The Lost Passport”