Vietnam is a long country stretching over 1,600 kilometers from North to South. It is a similar size to Norway, with a population of almost 20 times.

Most people start their Vietnam trip either at Ho Chi Minh City in the south or Hanoi in the north, then work their way across the country by bus, train, or motorbike.

The bigger cities are usually a bit hectic but lots of fun. In contrast, the terraced rice fields in the rural areas make for some of the most stunning landscapes you will ever see.

How Long to spend in Vietnam? If you want to see the whole of Vietnam, two months is recommended. However, you could easily spend two weeks exploring just the north, just the south, or a couple of in-between destinations.

There are at least 20 great cities and towns to visit across Vietnam.

Getting Off the Beaten Track. The best way to get off the beaten track in Vietnam is by motorbike. If you are traveling for a couple of days or weeks then motorbike rental is best. If you’ve spending a few months exploring Vietnam then you might even consider buying one.

Visas. Travelers of most nationalities require a tourist visa to enter Vietnam. They are super easy to arrange online and can be done in as little as a few hours.

Where to go in Vietnam? This Vietnam travel guide contains loads of information for your trip. Below you will find some travel highlights, loads of detailed blog posts, and a easy to use travel map among other resources.


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Vietnam Travel Map

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