Guest Posting Guidelines

If you would like to make a guest post on The Lost Passport please read the following guest posting guidelines.

  1. This blog is about travel. The primary destinations are Asia, Australia and now including New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. Write about a relevant destination.
  2. Preferred topics are about adventure travel, travel itineraries, and other travel tips.
    • a detailed guide to a particular destination
    • how to prepare for a certain type of trip
    • a list of the best places to visit in (destination) list
    • a list of the best tips for a certain travel-related activity
  3. Before you pitch a full article, send 2 to 3 suggested topics for consideration.
  4. Articles should be between 1,00 and 1,300 words
  5. Each submission should contain 4-5 high-quality photos. Poor quality snapshots will be rejected.
  6. All photos should be titled with the expected alt-text and caption.
  7. Personalize the article a bit, convince our readers why your destinations are the best and mention some specific highlights.
  8. Submit your story via email in Word format.
  9. Attach your photos separately with a resolution of at least 1200px wide.
  10. Backlinks are provided to your homepage, blog post of choice and social media accounts in your author bio. So include your details in the article!
  11. The article will be reviewed, marked up and edited before posting.

Contact: [email protected]