Navutu Stars Resort Review – Yaqeta Island, Fiji

Navutu Stars Resort and Beach

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Navutu Stars Resort Review – Yaqeta Island, Fiji

They call Navutu Stars a Rustic Chic resort, but I’d refer to it as a secluded paradise.

This boutique luxury resort is hidden away on the beautiful Yaqeta Island, mid-way up the Yasawa Islands chain, or about 4 hours north of Nadi by boat.

If you’re searching for a luxury island getaway without the 5-Star hotel rigidity, then this is your pick. Essentially, you can enjoy the full comforts while not feeling out of place in flip flops and backpack.

You are also much closer to Fiji’s culture here. At Navutu Stars you’re able to meet locals with authentic personalities, names you will remember, and unique stories to share over a shell of kava or two.

There’s also a white sandy beach and stunning coral reef right at your doorstep. Spend your days exploring by kayak or paddleboard, snorkel the reef and even partake in coral gardening.

There’s plenty to love about staying here on Yaqeta Island, and without even thinking about it you will be giving back to the community and the environment.

Sounds like the perfect destination, right?

Beachfront Bures

Check availability on Agoda: Navutu Stars Resort Fiji

Navutu Stars Resort has nine spacious beachfront bungalows, which are called bures in Fiji.

All of these bures have thatch roofs made of local materials, looking like just like a local but comfortable bungalow. From the outside, they look and feel like Fiji, blending seamlessly into the landscape.

Once you step inside and you will realise what I mean by spacious. These rooms are bigger than my entire Bangkok apartment where I lived for 5 years! Why haven’t I been spending more time in Fiji!

Each bure has an indoor lounge to watch the beach from, and an outdoor lounge to watch the beach from, or in my case catch up on some blogging.

The incredibly comfortable bed will give you the toughest decision in Fiji each morning. Laze in bed while gazing out at the ocean through the huge glass doors or get up and start exploring the island.

Navutu Stars Resort Beachfront Bure
Bure Interior 2
Bure Interior 1
Bure Interior 3

Of course, you could also walk the whole 20 metres to your private beachfront hammock conveniently hanging between the palm trees.

Back inside, the attention to detail is amazing. Traditional Fijian handicrafts decorate the otherwise minimal interior with its whitewashed walls and floor. Even the rafters supporting the tall thatch roof have been neatly tied together with rope in specific patterns.

A few other things which get the big tick of approval from me are; no TV, awesome rain shower, and a decent internet connection. Sometimes I wish I could live without internet, but it seems like blogging needs just catch up!

Fijian Handicrafts
Roof Inside Navutu Stars Bure

Check availability on Agoda: Navutu Stars Resort Fiji

Restaurant Quality Meals

Let’s just say the meals at Navutu Stars will blow your mind and send your taste buds searching for more where that came from.

Breakfast is served each morning with more muffins that your stomach can handle accompanied by a platter of fresh fruits from the local garden. If that isn’t enough (which I am sure it is) you can still add on your typical breakfast condiments like scrambled eggs and omelet.

Breakfast at the Bure
Typical Breakfast

Menus for lunch and dinner menus change day to day and are seasonal. Every vegetable that can be grown on the island is sourced locally. This is one of the sustainable initiatives run by Navutu Stars Resort which they refer to as “plantation to plate.”

My recommendation is to go for the Grilled Tuna Salad with capers and olives for lunch, and a grilled chicken or grilled fish meal with local vegetables for dinner. Both get a straight 10 out of 10 in my books.

And beers? You know I love beer. The Fiji Gold is served cold, real cold, just as it should be.

Sustainability Initiatives by Navutu Stars

With climate change on our minds more and more often, especially in the South Pacific Islands, it is worth noting that Navutu Stars is an eco-friendly resort. They make a strong commitment to preserving both the environment and the local culture.

Social sustainability initiatives – most of the staff here are employed locally from Yaqeta Village. Before the Navutu Resort opened there were no local employment opportunities which meant that many people had to travel to Nadi or neighbouring islands for work.

Local food sources are given priority in the plantation to plate approach. Fruits and vegetables like coconut, papaya, pineapple, spinach, bananas, among others are all grown in the local gardens creating further jobs and income for the village.

Environmental sustainability initiatives – the resort recycles all plastics, has water bottle refill stations and uses paper straws in the bar which helps to reduce the ocean trash issue that so many islands suffer from. Food scraps are either composted or collected by local pig farmers and hot water is solar powered.

Things to do on Yaqeta Island

Navutu Stars resort offers kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and snorkelling equipment for guests.

Explore the local reef – I highly recommend taking a kayak and snorkel out on reef which is located just off the beach in front of the resort. This is an easy one hour activity almost anyone can do given you’re a decent swimmer.

Snorkel Caw Caw Reef – one of the best coral reefs I have ever snorkeled. Caw Caw is located about 15 minutes away from Navutu Stars Resort by a small speedboat. The trip can be easily arranged at the resort’s activities hut. I suggest allowing about 1 hour for snorkelling and another hour for enjoying Caw Caw Beach.

Discover more amazing coral reefs in my guide to the Yasawa Islands

Hike the sunset viewpoint – the scenic viewpoint is located about a 15 minute walk from the resort. Follow the beach around to the northern end, then take the trail to the right and up the hill. Don’t turn left, this longer trail takes lost wanderers around to Yaqeta Village.

Visit the local garden – unfortunately, I ran out of time, but I would love to visit this local garden next time. This garden is where all the fruits and vegetables served in the resort are grown. From spinach to taro and papaya, you will find it all here.

Yanggeta Island
Locals on Yanggeta Island

Caw Caw Beach, Yanggaeta Island

How to Get to Navutu Stars Resort

Boat – the cheapest way to get to Yaqeta Island is by boat. The Yasawa Flyer departs Nadi every morning around 8.25am. The trip takes about 4 hours arriving just before 1pm. Read my detailed review of the Yasawa Flyer.

Plane – the quicker but more expensive way to get to Yaqeta Island is by sea-plane. There are two local flight operators called Pacific Island Air and Turtle Airways.

Check availability on Agoda: Navutu Stars Resort Fiji

Disclaimer: My two-night stay on Yaqeta Islands was sponsored by Navutu Stars Resort. As always, all opinions are my own.

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